Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post Mortem

Even though I really enjoyed this class and feel like I put in a lot of effort, there are still a couple issues that I would tackle differently if I were to take this course again. First of all, I would take more time to work on my character animation, so I could end up with a film I can put on my reel. I was more focused this quarter on getting a 1.30 minute film done in 5 weeks than getting quality animation, so even though I am satisfied with my film as an outcome of a Flash crash-course I feel it does not reflect my abilities as an animator. In relation to the first, if I were to make another short film in Flash I would explore more artistic styles that lend themselves better to being animated in Flash (lineless puppets, solid backgrounds, etc). I feel the style I chose was not making the best use of the digital animation medium, and made clean-up harder than it should have.

Having said all that, I really did enjoy this course and if Digital Cel Animation 2 is being sometime in the upcoming Winter or Spring quarters I will definitely take it. It was a good (as well as necessary) course to further my education as a 2d animator, and more importantly, I had a lot of fun with my assignments.

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  1. i feel you there. i also feel the need to tell people "oh, and don't judge my animation skill based on this project".
    that being said, your project is one of the best in the class and I really enjoyed following your process. Your dedication to the pre-planning really shows. your character designs were extremely comprehensive, as was your storyboard. When i saw the stills on your blog i was seriously thinking "holy crap, when did this girl get fired from cartoon network and why is she at SCAD?"... they were that awesome.
    please keep it up. I'll watch your other blog (if I can ever figure out HOW to watch people on blogspot...) :)